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How To Remove Face Makeup

how to remove face makeup

    how to
  • Providing detailed and practical advice

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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament

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iN No TiMe

iN No TiMe

the light turned green. the woman reached for the boy's hand. he was seven years old. when they got to the other side of the street, the boy tugged on her arm to stop her. she looked down... he was no longer seven.
"you don't have to hold my hand every time we cross the street, mom. i'm eleven years old now."
she stared at him for a moment and then looked around. she looked down at her watch, not sure if any of what was taking place was real... or if it was all just a dream that she simply had not awoken from.
"can we get something to eat, mom?" the boy asked.
she looked at him for a moment, still not sure what was happening.
"mom?" the boy called her name out... this time more impatiently.
"yes, honey... yes, i'm sorry."
"can we get something to eat?"
"of course, honey. anywhere you want to go."
"well... as long as it's food... we're not going to eat ice cream if that's what you're thinking."
"ah, come on, mom."
"no, absolutely not... you can do that with your father... and when you do, please don't tell me."
after a few more pleas, he glanced down both sides of the street.... seeing something suitable, he led the way excitedly while mom followed.
while walking she began to perspire. she stared at the boy while they walked, still somewhat bewildered by the circumstances.
after they had sat down and ordered, she went to the bathroom... shaking her head and mumbling things to herself along the way.
she sat in front of the mirror staring at herself for a few moments, gently wiping the perspiration around her hairline and forehead, trying not to smear or remove her makeup. apprehensively, she returned to the table... or so she tried.
"mom, i'm over here."
not recognizing her son for a few moments, she moved towards the waving arms.
"mom, are you okay?"
the boy was no longer eleven. he was now 19. there was a cigarette between his fingertips. she stared down at it.
"come on, mom... don't start lecturing me on the smoking thing again... you and dad both said we wouldn't talk about it anymore since i'm leaving for the army next month."
"your what?"
the boy blew the smoke out and stared at his mother.
"mom, are you okay? you look a little pale."
with a concerned look on his face, he got up and put his jacket on. he helped her get hers on, too.
"let's go home, mom... so you can lay down... you might be coming down with something."
"you might be right." she said to him as they moved for the door. she turned around to hold the door for him. he wasn't alone. there was a young woman with him. there was a big ring on her finger. the woman leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.
"you were right, mom... this place is great."
the boy was no longer 19, he was married and in his late twenties.
"thanks for lunch, mom... so great that you two are getting on so well. means a lot to the both of us." he kissed her on the cheek and exited the restaurant.
she smiled at him and let go of the door. it closed on another person she was unable to recognize.
"thanks a lot, mom. how many of those things have i held open for you?" he smiled and kissed her, lovingly. it was her husband. she barely recognized him with all the white in his hair.
when she turned in the direction everyone was walking, her daughter in law was handing her a baby. the woman walked with the baby until it became too heavy. the baby slid from her arms onto pavement and began walking... he had become too big to carry.
a heavy rain began to fall. everyone stopped and reached into their bags and purses for umbrellas. the woman carefully retrieved hers and opened it just before a bus arrived and stopped in front of her.
only a crowd of strangers surrounded her, all of whom were waiting for the same bus. she looked around but wasn't nearly as surprised. she moved with the crowd towards the entrance of the bus. she sat down next to another woman. the woman was also in her 80's. after surveying the weather from the window the woman spoke.
"can't believe it's already starting to rain. i can't stand the rain"
the bus pulled away as another crowd began forming.
"it'll be gone in no time." she told the woman seated next to her.
they both nodded their heads in agreement.

How to Remove the Formal Ornaments and Some Attentions

How to Remove the Formal Ornaments and Some Attentions

This topic so familiar to me that the more things and knowledge which I could share with you. For girls, make-up just like shopping or clothes always have a lot to talk, which has become eternal and unchangeable topic. Here I would like to share some experiences about how to remove the formal ornaments and some matters you should pay much attention.
The dirt of skin divided into two kinds: skinniness was deep-dyed the water-solubility dirt usual life and oil dirt of make-up. water-solubility dirt could be wiped off by the usual face cream; while the oil dirt of make-up unless use the make-up remover, otherwise could not clean up.

Some basic ways of choosing make-up remover, it should make the condition that physical attraction of foundation cream to the skin. If remove the ornaments not completely, the remain dirt would result in some hangovers such as deposition of pigment, dark spots and zit. The first factor of make-up remover, should never stingy with the amount of it. If you have bought the brand make-up and mean with it, you would rather use the usual make-up remover. If only to save the component, and could not clean up, aren’t light gains make heavy purses?

Pay attention not to remove the make-up while massage the skin, otherwise the emersion of cosmetics would be get back into the pore. If you really want to massage your skin, you should use the latex of remover makeup or massage cream.

Because the kinds of remover makeup are so much that I could only provide some representative ways. So before using the new one, you should read the instructions carefully for fear of ineffectualness.

Here I would like to introduce some fast ways of remove ornaments. Take summer for example, because the weather is so hot that the pore would bigger than other seasons, so choosing the suitable cosmetics is the most important step. From the perspective of conserving, remover of makeup is more important than to put on makeup. To obtain the good results of makeup, keep good care of skin is also important for us. The main step of keep good care of skin is to remove the makeup completely. If the above step was not completely, the remnant of cosmetics would accumulate to blockage the pore. So we should pay much attention to the ways of remove the makeup as follows.

Usually, it has several step, the right way of remove the makeup should first the cosmetics and then the foundation makeup. The meticulous account should like this, first lipstick, then eye shadow, eye black and eyebrow, and last, remove the foundation makeup of face.

These are some my experiences about how to remove the ornaments and some attentions. I hope they would be useful to you.

how to remove face makeup

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